On December 5, 1945, five US Navy TBM Avengers, known as FLIGHT 19 took off from NAS Ft. Lauderdale on a training mission. After becoming disoriented and lost, radio communication ceased. Flight 19 was never seen or heard from again. Thus, cementing FLIGHT 19, as the cornerstone of the Bermuda Triangle legend. Seventy five years later, it’s still a major mystery. Part of the reason could be blamed on the fact that the general public has never seen the most important key to the mystery, a published version of the "original navy investigation". But now all that has changed. For the first time, people will finally have access to all the "original and complete" documents" of the Flight 19 investigation so that you can read the Testimony and view the Exhibits. Aviation Historian, Andy Marocco has compiled and organized the report into two separate volumes that are now available as digital .PDFs Books from downloadable links for Apple and PC computers.


In Volume 2 of the FLIGHT 19 NAVAL REPORT: The Exhibits, all the evidence and data that was presented at the Naval Hearings of December 1945 can be seen. These Exhibits include Maps, Radio Logs, HF/DF Bearings, Rescue Plans, Search Charts, Communications and more.

FLIGHT 19 Naval Report - VOL 2: EXHIBITS (Downloadable PDF)